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KGPA Annual Business Meeting Minutes


KGPA Annual Meeting 2022

The 2022 KGPA Annual Business Meeting was held at the Kentucky State Research Farm on October 22, 2022. Below are the minutes from the meeting.

President Angie Downs welcomed all the members and allowed each board member to introduce themselves. 

The Minutes from 2021 KGPA Annual Business Meeting were accepted.


The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.


A presentation was given by Ramey Watkins on how he managed a goat feedlot.

This year, KGPA needed three board members. Below are the board members elected:

Angie Downs

Hello fellow producers my name is Angie Downs and I am your current KGPA President. I have served several years on the KGPA board. My family and I raise Boer goats as a commercial meat goat operation in central Kentucky. I am excited about the growth of the goat industry in Kentucky and would love to continue to serve on the KGPA board. Educating and increasing the number of producers in the state have and always will be my top priorities for serving. I want everyone to love goats just as much as I do.

Bea Powell
Bea Powell.jpg

We took a very conservative approach when beginning Pogo Farms. As a big city person from birth, farming was a dream that has come true. I attended the KY Sheep and Goat Small Ruminant Profit School before we began any property improvements or sourced our first goats. Originally starting with Nigerian Dwarfs, we have added Boers to the plan. The training, support and unwavering commitment we received from the KSGDO has a direct impact on our success. I want to offer my time and experience to further the goat industry in KY.

Ramey Watkins

Ramey is a second generation meat goat producer. Ramey and Catherine were married in 2015 and started their farm, Rafter W Farms, from the ground up. Ramey has always strived to produce quality meat goats by implementing what he has learned by self education. He is always stating that if more people educated themselves, less people would fail. Ramey is always available to others answering their questions or concerns. He always tries to help fellow goat producers or hobbyist alike to be successful. Thank you for considering Ramey Watkins

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