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Below is information provided by the Kentucky Veterinary Office:

Scrapie Tag Update

April 3, 2019

                Wanted to catch everyone up on the information just received from USDA regarding scrapie tags and applicators.

                Plastic scrapie tags:   New producers that have never ordered “free” tags may order 80 plastic tags.  This is a one-time free order.  After they have used these tags they will have to order them from the companies listed below.  Please refer to the information below for ordering information for producers who wish to continue using the plastic scrapie tag with their flock/herd.  I would recommend Allflex or Premier 1 for the plastic scrapie tags and plastic scrapie tag applicators and National Band & Tag company for the metal applicator.

                Applicators:  USDA is no longer supplying the plastic or metal applicators.  The plastic applicators can be purchased from the company where the plastic scrapie tags are purchased from.  The metal tag applicator should be purchased through National Band & Tag company.  Once again, refer to information below to purchase the applicators.

                Metal scrapie flock tags: USDA will only provide 100 metal tags free of charge for each producer every 24 months until August 31, 2019 or earlier if funds run out.  The producer must purchase the metal tag applicator from National Band & Tag Company. 

                Regardless of which route the producer chooses to tag their animals, they should still fill out the Scrapie Tag order form and must have a flock ID number before ordering their tags.  If they are purchasing plastic scrapie tags from a supplier then they should call USDA (502-848-2054) to obtain their Premises/Flock ID number prior to ordering.

                The hyperlink for the information below is:

                Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Beth Johnson, DVM

To request these official sheep and goat tags, a flock/ premises ID or both, call 1-866-USDA-Tag (866-873-2824).


Producers and others who handle sheep or goats in commerce who need additional tags or want a different type or color of tag may purchase official plastic, metal or radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags directly from approved tag manufactures. A flock or Premises ID is required to order tags from these sources. A National Premises ID is also required to purchase official 840 RFID tags or implantable devices.

For those that use the APHIS-provided tags, please note that you will need to purchase a compatible applicator. The 505S applicator for the official metal tags is available for purchase from the National Band and Tag Company at (859) 261-2035. The “Allflex Universal Tagger” for application of the plastic tags provided by APHIS is available for purchase from multiple sources including directly from Allflex at (833) 727-2743.

The companies listed below are approved. These ear tags and devices are approved for the official identification of sheep and goats in interstate commerce. There are restrictions on the use of implantable devices.

Note: SFCP tags may only be purchased by owners of flocks participating in the Scrapie Free Flock Certification Program. Regular program tags may be purchased by any producer who has a flock/premises ID.


Allflex USA, Inc. 

PO Box 612266
2805 East 14th Street
Dallas Ft. Worth Airport, TX 75261-2266
Ph: (833) SCRAPIE  [833-727-2743]
Fax: (972) 338-3445


(RFID and Plastic eartags in several colors- regular and SFCP)


Alliance ID, USA
2199 Manton Drive
Covington, Louisiana 70433
Contact: John Wade, DVM

(RFID 840 microchip transponders in syringes. Universal scanners)


4412 W 4th Street Road
Greeley, CO 80634
Contact: Elsie McCoy

(RFID - Avid Microchip transponder implants and scanners)


National Band & Tag Company
721 York St., P.O. Box 72430
Newport, KY 41072-0430, USA

Phone: (859) 261-2035

Fax:  (859) 261-8247


Contacts:  Kevin Haas, Sarah Fields


(RFID tags and metal tags in white, green, orange, mauve and bright metal) 


Premier 1 Supplies LLC
2031 300th St
Washington, IA 52353
Phone: (800) 282-6631
Fax: (800) 346-7992
Web page:
Contact: Customer Service


(Plastic eartags in several colors- regular and SFCP)


Shearwell Data USA
Phone: (320) 760-4696
Web page:
Contact: Dan Persons

(RFID and Plastic eartags in several colors- regular and SFCP)