Production Resources

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Successful small ruminant production starts with getting connected to our community. Join the Kentucky Goat Producers or the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Producers today! 


SRPS- Small Ruminant Profit School

Sheep and goat numbers are booming in Kentucky! To help producers get off on the right hoof, the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office is offering SRPS. This online course gives new producers knowledge on a wide range of topics that are vital to the success of all goat and sheep operations.


SRQA- Small Ruminant Quality Assurance

The KY SRQA Program (Small Ruminant Quality Assurance)  is a 1.5 hour certification program that helps producers understand:

  1. The goals of Quality Assurance

  2. Proper equipment needed

  3. How to read a medicine label

  4. How to read medicated feed tags

  5. Veterinary Feed Directives

  6. Prescription use of injectable, oral and water soluble antibiotics

  7. Antibiotic stewardship

  8. Record keeping

  9. Biosecurity issues

  10. Scrapie tag information

  11. Animal welfare issues


Kentucky Sheep and Goat Management Calendar

The KY Sheep and Goat Management Calendar is a great tool to help producers stay on track each month. With helpful production tips, due dates for each day of the year, listing of events, common illnesses/treatments and moon signs, you should be able to keep track of all your important farm dates.

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HoofPrint- The Small Ruminant Magazine

HoofPrint: The Small Ruminant Magazine is a quarterly periodical whose goals are to promote better animal health, husbandry, and knowledge among sheep and goat producers. HoofPrint provides timely articles and news stories related to all aspects of sheep and goat production and marketing. Our editorial focus includes health & management, genetics, nutrition, marketing, and much more! All members of KGPA, KSWPA and TSPA get a subscription with an annual membership.

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In the Know

In the Know is an online resource library focusing on production and marketing of small ruminants.

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Kentucky Annual Producer Conference

The KY Annual Producer Conference is an event hosted by KSWPA and KGPA to serve as annual association meetings and an education opportunity. 

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Breeder Directory

Looking for sheep or goats to add to your operation or have breeding stock available? The Breeder Directory is the place to start. This Directory provides the names, type of operations and breeds for hundreds of farms. Breeder Listings are a great opportunity to market your farm's genetics. All KSWPA and KGPA members receive a Standard Listing on the directory. But producers can ramp up their marketing efforts through a Bronze, Gold or Platinum Listing.

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Scrapie Tag Info

Every small ruminant operation must have Scrapie Tags in order to sell livestock off the farm. The Scrapie Tags are a means of animal identification as well as a system of trace-ability in the case of a disease outbreak. 


Sheep Shearers

Here is a list of shearers that can come to your farm. Remember, call early to get on the list!

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The Kentucky Sheep and Goat Check-Off Program began in 2010 and collects $.50 for every $100 worth of sheep and goats sold in the Commonwealth. According to Kentucky law, Check-Off funds must be used for the purpose of promoting the increased use and sale of sheep and goats.​ Check-Off programs include the New Farmer Loan and Special Projects Grants, as well as numerous product promotion events and resources. 


Calendar of Events

Find educational, networking and marketing dates.


Beginning Farmer Resource Guide

Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development offers a great list on opportunities for beginning farmers. 


Small Ruminant Veterinarians

Having a trustworthy and reputable veterinarian is a must. Check vets that are recommended by producers.


Kentucky Sheep and Goat Numbers

Sheep and goats are on the rise. See the most recent statistics from the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

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Kentucky Sheep and Goat Record Books

This pocket sized book has lots of power! It can help you keep your operation moving forward. 

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University of Maryland Beginning Farmer Guidebook

This guide walks you through the steps of developing a solid business plan.