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goat soap
Why use unnecessary chemicals on your body when an all natural alternative is right around the corner? Goat lotions and soaps can add a wonderful fragrance to your morning routine and allows you to give
​your family a healthier kick start to your day.
goat soap

Once you know the advantages of goat milk soap and lotions, you will never return to your regular store bought brands.

  1. Handcrafted goat milk lye soap is its natural, gentle ingredients that don't leave your skin itchy, dry or irritated.

  2. ​Goat milk soap contains glycerin which is caused by combining the fats with an alkali. During the saponification process, the fat turns into soap and glycerin.

  3. All milks contain natural emollients, vitamins and triglycerides that moisturize the skin, but goat milk specifiacally contains the reputed highly effective moisturizer capric-capryllic triglyceride.

  4. Goat milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which help remove dead skin in cells from skin's surface, which leaves skin smoother and younger.

  5. Goat milk contains important minerals like selenium which is believed to prevent skin cancer.

  6. Goat milk contains three times as much beta-casein (protein) as cow's milk which moisturizes and conditions the skin.

Find local goat milk products

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soap addiction.webp

Soap Addiction

Jennifer Turner

Taylorsville, KY


Moisturizing soap and lotions made from fresh goat milk, hand milked from our loved nannies. Goat milk contains lots of skin loving nutrients which promote healthy and vibrant skin naturally. Small batches of cold process soap made with goat milk,  organic Shea butter,  Coconut oil, palm, oil, rice bran oil, and olive oil. A variety of aromatic scents available.  I also make luxurious face and body lotion,  lip balm, hydrosol,  sugar scrubs, and KY proud CBD balm. Give me a call to place an order!


B & D Puckett Boer Goats and Heavenly Soaps

Call 270-218-1336 for
scents and availability.

​​640 Flat Rock Road

Munfordville, KY 42765

East Fork

East Fork

Erik P. Brown

Goat Milk Soaps, Lotions, Bath Bombs

ADGA Lamancha and MDGA Miniature Lamancha Breeder

210 Edmonton Randolph Street

Edmonton, KY 42129



Goat Milk Country Soaps

Sylvia Hibbard

10713 East Laurel Rd London Ky 40741


Handmade skincare products made on the farm using goats milk from our own dairy goats. As a family business we take pride in our goats and our soaps. Products include Handmade Soaps, Lotions ,Lip Balms, Scrubs, and beard line.


Keach Manor

Amy & Nathan Keach


lisa robarbs

Big Clifty Farm and Country Store 

Lisa Robards

9695 Elizabethtown Road Big Clifty KY 42712



100% wool felted items  like felted handmade soap, wool dryer balls, purses, and decorations!

River creek farm.png

River Creek Farm

Brittany and Michael Sparkman

Milton, KY


Facebook: Rivercreekfarmsoap

River Creek Farm is home to a small herd of dairy goats. Our goats are hand-milked, and their milk is used to make our goat milk soap and other goat milk beauty products. We started making goat milk soap years ago because we wanted a natural soap for our family. We love how gentle and moisturizing the goat milk makes the soap. Products include goat milk soap, goat milk shampoo/conditioner, goat milk facial soap, goat milk bath bombs, goat milk lip balm, goat milk hand balm, goat milk beard oil, and goat milk beard balm.

Logo with name .jpg

Rustic Charm Farm

Brian & Jennifer Hall

Jackson, KY



Hello, we are with Rustic Charm Farm located in Jackson, KY! We are a small family owned and operated business that raises Nigerian Dwarf goats and we also use their fresh milk (gathered twice daily) to create goats’ milk skincare products. We use our fresh milk in all of our products. Products include:  lotion, soap, face cream, eye cream, ace soap, foot cream, foot soak, shampoo bar, hair conditioner bar,  pet shampoo, sugar scrub,  lip balm'  aftershave lotion, and shave soap.


Serenas Soaps and Salves

Lora Busch

Campbellsburg, KY


My business was started as a way to use my goat milk for soaps, my herbs for skin care items and for my daughter with special needs to participate in selling, packaging, and other aspects of the business. Products include goat milk soaps, herbal salves and other skin care products.

singing hills goat farm

Singing Hills Goats Farm LLC

Goat Milk Soap is great for many skin conditions but especially helpful for those suffering from excema, psoriasis and dry skin. My soap is made with FRESH Goats Milk, palm oil, olive oil and coconut oil, Add Sodium Hydroxide (LYE) to those ingredients and you have a mild wonderful smelling soap.
Here at Singing Hills the goats are taken care of milked and the soap is hand made and cured.
I also make a lotion bar for your hands and dry spots like elbows and heel. It is made with shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax. Please contact me to order soap or lotion bars.

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