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Try Something Different Tonight..

In Your Fashion

With all the many clothing options today, many people forget about the versatility of wool. This all natural, durable fiber has been a staple in clothing design for years. Wool can be found in already made products, but can also give you the opportunity to make your own beautiful piece of art!​

Wool is truly the most versatile fiber on earth. It is used in thousands of products from clothing to rugs, tennis balls and even be used to clean up oil spills. 


It can be worn year round. That's right, wool is not just a pretty coat. Wool is absorbent and thus can help regulate body temperature by either absorbing damp, cold air from the environment or absorbing sweat from your body. Thus, you always have a dry layer next to your skin. No wonder wool is so popular in athletic clothing! 


It can be machine washed. No more hand washing required. Wool meets the "Total Easy Care" standard for consumers.

Last but not least, wool is sustainable. Wool is a natural, renewable fiber that offers a "green" fabric choice. Wool is also biodegradable making it an eco-friendly product.

Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival

Come visit the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival held annually on the third weekend in May in Lexington, KY. 

Immerse yourself in the brilliant colors and textures of different types of fiber, enjoy conversation with fiber producers, and learn how to create beautiful works of fiber art.


KY Fiber Trail

Looking for a fiber artist, retailer or producer? The KY Fiber Trail is where we are weaving art with agriculture!   There are so many natural fiber resources throughout the Bluegrass, and we want to help you discover it!   Take a glance through our site to read our story, search our interactive map, and find ways you can get connected with the trail!

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