Sheep and goat numbers are booming in Kentucky! To help producers get off on the right hoof, the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office offers SRPS. This online course  gives new producers knowledge on a wide range of topics that are vital to the success of all goat and sheep operations. 

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Why is SRPS for You?

Designed for Beginning Farmers (5 years or less) in goats and sheep. Of course all producers are invited to take part in the classes!

Great for beginners

SRPS consists of 15 online modules and two on-site classes
  • Module 1: Welcome to SRPS

  • Module 2: Industry Overview

  • Module 3: Breeds of Goats & Sheep (including pros & cons for the most popular breeds in Kentucky)

  • Module 4: Market Trends & Niche Marketing

  • Module 5: Facilities and Fencing

  • Module 6: Guardian Animals

  • Module 7: Health Management

  • Module 8: Foot Care and Hoof Trimming 

  • Module 9: Nutrition (on-site class) 

  • Module 10: Quality Assurance

  • Module 11: Parasite Management

  • Module 12: Reproduction, Genetics & Selection, Birthing Difficulties, and Care of Newborns

  • Module 13: Record Keeping

  • Module 14: Mating Systems

  • Module 15: Annual Production Plans


  •  FAMACHA Training and Hands-on Body Condition Scoring Workshop (Dates offered each 6 months)

  • Numerous additional resources on rotational grazing, pasture management, handling, and much more! 

If this is an online class,

why is there an on-site class?

There are some topics like feedstuffs and nutrition, body condition scoring, and proper handling that cannot be taught via a computer. Therefore, these topics will be offered through an on-site class/workshop offered every 6 months. 

Course Completion

With your registration, you will have 12 months of access to the online course materials. A certificate of completion will be issued to all students who complete the 15 modules. Completion is accomplished when all online module evaluations have been submitted and the on-site class attended. 

  • Access to all the video modules

  • Access to downloadable files of the presentations, publications, and tons of additional resources.  


Save time and money by downloading and/or printing only the materials that you need!

Current KGPA/KSWPA members



Non-members KGPA/KSPWA 


(You will receive a membership to either KGPA or KSWPA with your registration.)​

Interested in getting SRPS for FREE? Check out the KSU Farmer Education Grant

“I just wanted you all to know that as of today, we finished up our first lambing--16 lambs in 11 days (9 ewes).  It went better than I could have hoped.  I know we have a long way to go, and I realize that we had a lot of beginners luck, but, what I learned through you all made all the difference. We'd been planning and hoping to expand, but a miserable or awful first lambing might have discouraged us.  Now, I think we will do it.  ”

--Sue, Cynthiana, KY

“I am really glad our son has had this wonderful opportunity to start his small ruminant learning process.  I have a feeling he will be taking at least one of his teen sons to another one in the future. ”

--Paul, Leitchfield, KY

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