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(All 2024 Kentucky Sheep and Wool Producer and Kentucky Goat Producer Association members recieve 1 FREE copy!) 


The Kentucky Sheep and Goat Management Calendar is a tool to help you be more organized and profitable! 


It can help you improve your nutrition:

  • maintain proper body condition on your females using the "Nutrient Requirements of Ewes & Does" chart and "Body Condition Scoring Tips"

  • reduce the feed bill by utilizing the forage management tips in each month

  • create a feed ration using the "Nutrient Requirements of Common Feedstuffs" chart


Improve your profits:

  • know when each graded sale is held across the state

  • know the dates for major ethnic holidays

  • utilize marketing tips found in each month


Improve your herd/flock genetics:

  • keep track of breeding dates

  • implement sound management practices by using the tips for each month


Improve the health of your herd/flock:

  • ​identify, treat and prevent common ailments using the "Common Ailments and Treatment Chart"

  • review the classes of wormers before you treat using the "Classes of Common Dewormers" chart

  • Look for parasite management tips throughout each month to stay on track


Improve the health of your newborns:

  • know when babies are coming using the "Due Date" for each day

  • have all the necessary equipment on hand using the "Lambing/kidding Kit List"

  • utilize lambing/kidding management tips in each month to remember vaccinations


Use Moon signs to:

  • purchase breeding livestock

  • breed 

  • wean

  • castrate

  • slaughter

  • and even mow pastures! 

2024 KY Sheep and Goat Management Calendar

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