KGPA Annual Meeting 2019

The 2019 Annual Business Meeting for KGPA was held on October 26th at the Clark County Extension Office Winchester, KY as part of the 2019 KY Annual Producer Conference.

Below are items for the meeting.

2019 KY Annual Producer Conference

KGPA Meeting Agenda
October 26, 2019
Winchester, KY
Annual Producer Conference


Welcome & Introduction – Dr. Beth Johnson
Treasurer's report – Kay DeMoss

2018 KGPA Annual Business Minutes- Emily Wade

Old Business

Year in the Life of KGPA

New Business

Presentation of 2020 Board of Director Candidates


Election of New Directors = see new board members below.

Current Board of Directors

Dee Daniels (expire 2021)

Christina Morris (expire 2021)

Chris Stewart (expire 2021)

Vicki Watson (expire 2020)

Denise Martin (expire 2020)

Rochelle Boland-Heilers

John and I met in 2014 and we're excited to learn we both wanted to raise cattle and goats.  I had retired in 2012 from my work as an attorney for the local government in Lexington, and John was just retiring from a long career as a truck driver.  I had a small farm in Harrison County and John had 200 acres in Adair County.  We built a house on his farm and settled in to start building our business, Heiland Farms (  In 2018 we made it a family business, getting married here on the farm in June.

We started attending producer events provided by the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office, including the Small Ruminant Profit School, and joined the KGPA.  We were even the fortunate recipients of one of the new farmer loans provided through the Check Off Program.  Over the four years since we started on this road, we have learned so much about caring for our goats, including the fact that we will never know it all and need to always keep learning.  KGPA has helped us so much in that regard.  We now have a growing herd of Savanna goats and enjoy hearing from prospective buyers, either those new to goats or experienced producers who want to add some Savanna blood to their herds.

Now it is time to start helping the KGPA, giving some payback for all the help we have received.  We need to build this industry in Kentucky, both by helping current producers with educational and marketing opportunities, and by encouraging new producers to take the plunge and invest in goats.  If elected I will contribute my time, modest experience, and enthusiasm to helping our association.

Angie Downs

Hello my name is Angie French Downs and I have been a goat producer for almost 15 years. I previously served on the KGPA board and now after a 2 year break would like to be elected to serve again. I live in Loretto with my husband and 3 step kids. My middle daughter “caught” my love of goats, joined 4H and loves showing goats!!!  I want to expand people’s knowledge of small ruminants and help producers improve the quality of animals they produce.

Kay Demoss

Life Long Learner, Farmer, and Educator-  I have been involved in farming since birth.  I grew up on a 300 acre cattle and tobacco farm in Fayette Co., KY with my father, mother, brother and two sisters. During my youth I was actively involved in 4-H and showing horses. Following high school, I attended the University of Ky, Hillsborough Community College, and the University of South Florida.  Holding a lifetime certificate in Elementary Education the next 30 years were spent teaching first through sixth grades with specialized instruction in writing, science and gifted/talented.  I also worked as the School Technology Coordinator, Extended School Service Coordinator and chairman of the Budget Committee for Nicholasville Elementary School.  Retiring 11 years ago, Kay began focusing more intensively on her love of agriculture. I have been on the Kentucky Goat Producers Association Board of Directors for 4 years, serving as Treasurer.  I have been instrumental in developing a working budget for the KGPA and worked on the youth committee.  For the last two years I have worked diligently to help organize and run the KY Goat Producers Field Day.  I also serve on the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Board and represent goat breeds when working on the Sheep and Fiber Festival.  I have also supported the KGPA by participating in fund raising for the association, representing and working at the KY Commissioners Breakfast and KGPA Booth and KSGDO at the state fair.  Being a life long learner I have attended many KSU Third Thursday Thing events, KSGD Annual Conferences, state and local workshops promoting goats and goat health.  I have also visited goat dairies and wool mills during my vacations.  Currently, I have a herd of 60 goats including Kiko/Boer & Boer meat goats, La Mancha dairy, and Angora fiber goats.


I Believe….

“I believe we care about what we know about.  To truly know about something, we must experience it in some way.

I believe that the job of a director is to help guide the organization to promote and educate, thus prompting people to care about the industry.

I believe the best way to promote the growth and integrity of the goat industry is through education and involvement with producers

I believe youth are the future of the goat industry.”

Dr. Beth Johnson

Howdy, my name is Beth Johnson. I currently am the Kentucky Goat Producers President for the past year and have been intricately involved in the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Producer Association for many years. I have been on the Kentucky Goat Producer’s Board of directors for about 10 years (set out one year due to bylaws).  I have been involved as an educator for small ruminant producers with the Small Ruminant Profit School since its inception. I primarily teach parasite management, small ruminant herd health and disease prevention to many producers throughout the state.  As a mixed animal veterinary practitioner and Kentucky goat producer for the past 30 years I have experienced many trials and tribulations of the small ruminant industry in Kentucky. Currently I am working with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Office of the State Veterinarian as Kentucky’s Field Veterinarian and Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostician.  

                My husband, Darrell, and I currently live on a farm in the Forkland Valley of Boyle county. We raise Show Market Goats, Dairy Goats and Purebred Gelbvieh cattle and stocker calves.  We have two grown children, Justin and Jessica, that live nearby and help with the farm whenever they can. Jessica is my right hand helper with marketing and herd management of our show market goats, Keinan Boers.

                This year I was elected as the Region 2 board of director member for the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners (AASRP). I have been a member of AASRP since I was in veterinary school many moons ago!  I am excited for this new challenge as I bring information to our board about the exciting things that Kentucky Small ruminant producers are doing within the state. I feel that we are on the verge of larger scale marketing of goat meat and milk within the state and hope to continue as your Board of Director member and President of this great industry.

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