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KGPA Annual Meeting 2020

The 2020 Annual Business Meeting for KGPA was held via online and mail in ballots. Voting took place from October 5-19th. Below are the results of the voting:

Treasurer's report – Kay Demoss provided a financial statement through September 30, 2020. The Treasurer Report was accepted.

2019 KGPA Annual Business Minutes- The minutes from the 2019 Annual Business Meeting were accepted.

The following three people were re-elected to the board. 

Rochelle Boland-Heilers 
Vicki Watson 
David Watson 

Rochelle Boland-Heilers

John and I met in 2014 and we're excited to learn we both wanted to raise cattle and goats.  I had retired in 2012 from my work as an attorney for the local government in Lexington, and John was just retiring from a long career as a truck driver.  I had a small farm in Harrison County and John had 200 acres in Adair County.  We built a house on his farm and settled in to start building our business, Heiland Farms (heilandfarms.com).  In 2018 we made it a family business, getting married here on the farm in June.

We started attending producer events provided by the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office, including the Small Ruminant Profit School, and joined the KGPA.  We were even the fortunate recipients of one of the new farmer loans provided through the Check Off Program.  Over the four years since we started on this road, we have learned so much about caring for our goats, including the fact that we will never know it all and need to always keep learning.  KGPA has helped us so much in that regard.  We now have a growing herd of Savanna goats and enjoy hearing from prospective buyers, either those new to goats or experienced producers who want to add some Savanna blood to their herds.

Now it is time to start helping the KGPA, giving some payback for all the help we have received.  We need to build this industry in Kentucky, both by helping current producers with educational and marketing opportunities, and by encouraging new producers to take the plunge and invest in goats.  If elected I will contribute my time, modest experience, and enthusiasm to helping our association.

David Watson

My name is David Watson, and along with my wife Vicki, we raise Kiko goats in Auburn, Kentucky. We have been in the goat business for about 20 years. I have recently served on the board for a short time and would like to continue. Prior to serving, I helped my wife while she served on the board. I like learning how to improve our goat business, and I like sharing my knowledge with others. My wife and I like to mentor those beginning in the goat business. You can learn a lot and share a lot getting to know others in the goat business. Thank you for your consideration for the KGPA board. 

Vicki Watson

My name is Vicki Watson. I’ve been in the goat business for almost 20 years and I’ve served on the KGPA board off and on for the last 5 years. I really enjoy serving on the board because I really believe the goat industry is growing, Improving the goat industry is one of my priorities. We raise Kikos, and I enjoy learning about improving on the genetics of our animals. I take pride in raising good animals that I am proud to sell. We run around 100 Does and live in Logan County Kentucky. I really like mentoring people who want to begin raising goats. I like to talk about goats, and I really like meeting new people. I learn something new everyday about the goat business, and I like to share what I learn with others. Thank you for your consideration.

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