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KGPA Annual Meeting 2021

The 2021 Annual Business Meeting for KGPA was held on October 23, 2021 at the Kentucky State Research Farm. Online voting was open October 1-15th.


Treasurer's report – Kay Demoss provided a financial statement through September 30, 2021 and it was accepted.

2020 KGPA Annual Business Minutes- The minutes from the 2020 Annual Business Meeting was accepted.

The following people were elected to the KGPA board:

Christina Morris

My husband and I have raised goats since 2009, but switched to registered and commercial Kikos in 2014. We currently have 53 breeding does on our 50 acre farm in Crofton, KY. I am currently serving on the KYGPA board of directors and have also served a term as registrar for the American Kiko Goat Association. I have also written articles for Hoofprint.


Jeff Royalty


My name is Jeff Royalty and I am from Oldham County, KY (LaGrange). I grew up on a farm in Southeastern, IN. Growing up we raised beef cattle, hogs, and burley tobacco. I was very active with 4-H and FFA during my youth years. I am a graduate of Vincennes University. I hold an Associate's of Applied Science in Agribusiness. I moved to KY in 2013 when I met my wife Aricka. I work at the Kentucky State Reformatory in the maintenance department. Approximately two years ago my wife and I began discussion on what to do with her family farm. The farm had been neglected for twenty plus years and was very overgrown with brush. One of the options we discussed was raising a few feeder goats that summer to experiment with. I purchased several boer doelings with the intention to sell them that fall or early winter as replacement females. When the goats got to the farm we both realized how much we enjoyed raising livestock and needless to say those goats didn't leave but became the start of our herd. Today we are running approximately 50 head of commercial and registered boer goat. We have recently began to show our registered animals as well. I would like to join the Kentucky Goat Producers Association board because I would like to help further educate fellow Kentuckians on goat production. I would like to see more marketing options across the state such as more graded sales, more breeding stock sale, and more processing options. I would also like to us expand the market from not only an ethnic market but to a more traditional one. I would also like to help producers raise better quality goats especially in my area. It seems quality is very low in area. I would also like to educate producers that quality equals profit. Quality also should produce a higher price, and it seems in my area people don't want to pay that. They want a quality animal for a cheap price. I look forward to serving you of the KGPA board and thank you for your time and votes.

Anita Vaske

My husband Bill and I decided to buy some does to help my daughter with a breeding 4-H project. She has now graduated high school and moved out of state for college. My husband and I keep about 10 does and breed them for 4-H projects and to sell at market  in Grant County. Now that my one and only child has left the nest I need something to fill my time.

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