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Highlights from the meeting...

KSWPA Annual Meeting 2022

The 2022 Annual Business Meeting for KSWPA was held at the Kentucky State Research Farm on October 22, 2022. Below are the minutes from the meeting.


Motion to accept the Secretary's report was passed.

Motion to accept the Treasurer's report was passed.

Richard Popham read the Kentucky Natural Fiber Center, Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival & Kentucky Fiber Trail  prepared by Sarabeth Parido, KSGDO Fiber Director

Jim Mansfield, ASI Representative, provided the ASI Report.


Dr. Debra Aaron provided an online PERQ Committee Report.

Funding Reports from 2022 were shared online. Each year KSWPA receives funds from the American Sheep Industry Association to provide programming in areas of wool, Scrapie, and mentor support. These following reports were reviewed. 

The following KSWPA Officer Slate was accepted.

2023 Officer Slate is presented as:

President- Richard Popham

Vice-President- Harry Frederick

Secretary- Sue Churchill

Treasurer- Dorothy Vale

Presentation by  Dr. Ely, Dr. Harlow, and Dr. Weinhart-Nelson on USDA sheep research projects regarding Red Clover.

Below are the new Board of Directors. 

Cheryl Creech Kersey
Cheryl Kersey.jpg

Cheryl (Sheri) Creech Kersey interest in applying to become a board member comes from a background in the Agriculture and Design Industry. Sheri grew up on a Dairy farm in Henry County, is a graduate from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Architecture and the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design where she developed an interest in Natural Fibers and Textiles. Sheri is a registered Architect and Certified Interior Designer and has served as President of KERSEY AND KERSEY ARCHITECTS, since its formation in 1992.


In addition to the Architecture firm, Sheri is Co-Owner of Creekstone Farm, and in 2021 started a new business, CLICK FIBERS which offers:

-Services: Sorting/Grading/Classing of Fibers and workshops on Fiber Grading

-Livestock: Registered Shetlands

-Products: Wool-based products (in development)


Sheri has participated in several programs sponsored by the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office and Kentucky Natural Fiber Center. A few of those include:

-Completed the Small Ruminant Profit School Course

-Natural Fiber Center, attended several workshops as well as taught a class on Fiber grading

-Participated in activities, webinars, workshops, festivals, etc through the two organizations.


She is currently in an Apprenticeship to become a Certified Fiber Sorter/Grader/Classer through State University of New York (SUNY)- Cobleskill Campus, a member of the Kentucky Sheep & Wool Producers Association and the Indiana Sheep Association.


Sheri’s interest in the Kentucky Sheep & Wool Producers Association is to help in the continued growth of the Sheep & Wool Industry in Kentucky. She brings to the Board years of Business experience, Board experience, Community Service and the perspective of starting a Sheep & Wool business from scratch. She is married to Steven and has one son Kyle who is currently in Graduate School.

Guy Taylor
Guy Taylor.jpg

I was a sheep producer in the 1980's and 90's when market shifts made them unprofitable. My son and I reentered the business in 2018. We have a small flock of Katahdin sheep and a sizeable flock of Dorset sheep. Our goal is to have a profitable flock of Dorset, selling into a commercial market. We are also interested in expanding the value added Markets. I would love to help expand the local use of our lamb. Lamb is our main income but I would love to see our domestic wool markets expand in the future. I hope to be able to grow our industry and carry the message of our sustainable meat and fiber products to the public.

Be sure to renew!

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