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KSWPA Annual Meeting 2021

The 2021 Annual Business Meeting for KSWPA was held at the Kentucky State Research Farm on October 23, 2021. Online voting was open from October 1-15th.


Secretary's report – The Secretary report was accepted. 

Treasurer's report (updated 10/19/2021) – Dorothy Vale provided a financial statement through September 30, 2021 and it was accepted.

Kentucky Natural Fiber Center, Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival & Kentucky Fiber Trail - Sarabeth Parido, KSGDO Fiber Director, provided a report on fiber events, activities, and initiatives for the state. 

Funding Reports- Each year KSWPA receives funds from the American Sheep Industry Association to provide programming in areas of wool, Scrapie, and mentor support. These following reports were reviewed. 

KSWPA Officer Slate-  The following people were elected for the 2022 Officer Slate.

President:  Richard Popham
Vice President:  Harry Frederick
Secretary:  Sue Churchill
Treasurer:  Dorothy Vale

The following 3 people were elected to the KSWPA Board:

Carey Holton

Carey Holton.jpg

My name is Carey Holton, I am 28-years-old and reside in Butler County, Kentucky. I live with my beautiful wife, Rachel and our two working border collies, Sheba and Winnie. I was born and raised in Fleming County, Kentucky and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2016 with a degree in Accounting. I currently work full time at Fruit of the Loom in Bowling Green as an Internal Auditor, and am in the process of sitting for my CPA license. Rachel and I were married in June of 2018 and in October of that year we started our commercial sheep farm, Dream Land Farms LLP, along with Rachel’s sister, Shelby and brother-in-law, Dustin. We started with 75 ewes and will have over 400 by the end of 2021. Our farm has enough space to raise over 1,000 ewes on pasture and we plan to be at that number in less than 5 years. We currently raise mostly Katahdin and Dorper crossed with Katahdin. We also had the pleasure of raising our first litter of border collie puppies this year. In January Sheba gave birth to 8 beautiful pups, one of which was Winnie. As a farm we have experience with navigating the process, from application to approval, for multiple different types of grants e.g., EQIP, State Cost Share, County Cost Share, Kentucky State University Grants, etc. We are also well versed at finding and applying for different loans that allow us to operate on a large scale. We are active in our local Young Farmers group. I enjoy getting to know other producers throughout the state and bouncing ideas off each of them as we try to figure out the challenges of sheep production together. We have come a long way in our sheep farming journey, but we still have a lot to learn. I am always excited for the next adventure.

Jim Mansfield

Jim Mansfield

I have been involved in agriculture all my life and served in many different capacities including as an extension agent in NC, a produce farmer and farm manager in OK, a KY Dept. of Agriculture division director, and a sheep farmer/lamb marketer. My wife and I own Four Hills Farms a sheep farming operation in Woodford County. We raise Katahdin sheep and sell fresh lamb weekly. Starting with 25 sheep in 2004, Four Hills Farms has grown into a full-time farming and marketing business that raises Katahdin sheep and markets lamb to grocery stores and restaurants in Ky and surrounding states. To do this we have developed a supply chain of approximately 3,000 ewes from our farm and other farms in KY and surrounding states. All lambs are raised according to GAP- 4 pasture raised standards which adds value to the lambs as a process verified product. I am interested in helping the KY sheep industry move forward with increasing sheep numbers and producing quality lambs that fit the demands of both traditional and non-traditional markets.


Service to KY Sheep Industry:

Board Member – KY Sheep & Wool Producers

2011 to 2019 Past President - KY Sheep & Wool Producers

Past Vice-President - KY Sheep & Wool Producers

Past Secretary - KY Sheep & Wool Producers Past

Board Member - KY Sheep & Goat Development Office

ASI KY representative 2014-2016

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