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From Crawl to Fall

by Sarabeth Parido

Our fiber fun summer is coming to a close and we’re looking ahead to some great opportunities coming up for the fall! The Kentucky Fiber Trail just concluded their first ever Bluegrass Yarn and Fiber Crawl. While the Fiber Trail is open online year round – the crawl provided 9 days of opportunities for customers to visit specified trail stops and shops! Each location on the trail set their own hours throughout the 9 days of the crawl and provided “crawlers” the chance to buy special kits, fibers and yarns. Many of our locations do not have a physical shop year round on their property – so our customers were given a chance to visit not only our retail locations, but the farms where our fibers originate as well.

On Saturday, August 20th, 2022 we will have a needle felted baby otter class at the Kentucky Natural Fiber Center in Millersburg, KY from 1-4pm. This “Otterly” Irresistible class is good for beginners but fun and creative enough for the experienced needle felter. All materials will be provided. It will be taught by Julie Adams of Julie’s Fiber Treasures out of Louisville, Ky. Also there's a special promo for our HoofPrint blog readers that will get you a discount on this class! Just enter code “HOOFPRINTAUGUST” at checkout and get $5 off your class! Sign up today on the website:

The Kentucky Natural Fiber Center is also planning their first ever Fall Craft and Fleece Faire on September 24th, from 10-5 in Millersburg. Susan McFarland of Susan’s Fiber Shop will be coming to show how to use different fiber processing equipment in a workshop she’s calling “A Fiber Tool Tasting”.

Do you have a “stash” of craft supplies that you bought with good intentions but you know you will never use? You’re definitely not alone, and we have an opportunity for you! During the Fall Craft and Fleece Faire, we will be hosting a “Destash Swap”! Dust off those projects that never quite kept your attention long enough to finish (or even start!!) and bring them to Millersburg- you just might swap for something you’ll really love! More info on this event and details of the craft swap can be found on our website -


Sarabeth Parido, is the Director of the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival and The Kentucky Fiber Trail. She raises her own small flock of sheep in Clark County, Kentucky along with her husband and four sons.

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