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Just Kidding! 

The key to any successful business is to produce as much product as efficiently as possible with minimal financial input.  As all goat producers know, the major goal of a meat goat producer is to get as many pounds of a sellable product out of a single doe as possible.  To achieve this goal we must have live kids born that survive to weaning or later depending on the producers plans for their kids.

Download this FREE Just Kidding Cheat Sheet to learn:

  • Signs of Parturition

  • Normal Progression of Parturition

  • Signs of Trouble

  • Care of the Newborn

  • Care of the Mother, and

  • Necessary Vaccinations.

To learn more about Reproduction, Parturition, Birthing Difficulties, Care for Newborns and much more, check out our SRPS- Small Ruminant Profit School Course

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