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KY Master Small Ruminant Nutrition
Nutrition is the #1 most important part of your small ruminant operation. Understanding basic physiology, feed stuffs, nutrient requirements, and ration balancing are key components to managing your feed bill. Dr. Don Ely, University and Kentucky, and Dr. Andrew Weaver, North Carolina State University, team up to a provide a comprehensive small ruminant nutrition course.


This course has lifetime access and a certificate of completion option.


This course is best suited for producers who:

  • have been in the business for more than 5 years
  • who want to learn more about nutrient requirements and how they are impacted by production stages
  • who are interested in feeding their own rations
  • who are interested in determining the efficiency of their pastures' forage capacity


KY Master Small Ruminant Nutrition Course

  • There are no refunds for the purchase of electronic products.

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