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SRPS- Small Ruminant Profit School

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Sheep and goat numbers are booming in Kentucky! To help producers get off on the right hoof, the Kentucky Sheep and Goat Development Office offers SRPS. This online course gives new producers knowledge on a wide range of topics that are vital to the success of all goat and sheep operations. SRPS consists of 15 online modules: Module 1: Welcome to SRPS Module 2: Industry Overview Module 3: Breeds of Goats & Sheep (including pros & cons for the most popular breeds in Kentucky) Module 4: Market Trends & Niche Marketing Module 5: Facilities and Fencing Module 6: Guardian Animals Module 7: Health Management Module 8: Foot Care and Hoof Trimming Module 9: Nutrition (on-site class) Module 10: Quality Assurance- NEW: the KY SRQA program is now part of SRPS Module 11: NEW: the Basics to Small Ruminant Parasite Management course is now included with SRPS Module 12: Reproduction, Genetics & Selection, Birthing Difficulties, and Care of Newborns Module 13: Record Keeping Module 14: Mating Systems Module 15: Annual Production Plans Plus: ​Numerous additional resources on rotational grazing, pasture management, handling, and much more! Coming Soon- Business Plan Development Pit Stops: As a small ruminant producer, you will want to take advantage of any grant or loan program you can to develop your operation. The Business Plan Development Pit Stops will help you create a business plan that you can use to: 1) apply for any state or federal grant applications 2) Any graduate of SRPS from Kentucky who is 18 years or older, has 16 acres or over, and has been in the small ruminant business for less than 5 years, is eligible to apply for the New and Beginning Farmer loan from the KY Sheep and Goat Council (Checkoff). The loan is $2000, 0% interest with a 2 year pay back program. A business plan is part of the application process.

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