Why wear synthetic when all natural is the way to go?!?

With all the many clothing options today, many people forget about the versatility of wool. This all natural, durable fiber has been a staple in clothing design for years. Wool can be found in already made products, but can also give you the opportunity to make your own beautiful piece of art!​

Want to change to more natural products in your home?

Why use unnecessary chemicals on your body when an all natural alternative is right around the corner? Goat lotions and soaps can add a wonderful fragrance to your morning routine and allows you to give
​your family a healthier kick start to your day.

Tired of eating the same old thing for dinner?

Lamb and goat meat can serve as the perfect meal or as a substitute or a meat in a dish you already enjoy. Lamb and goat meat are low in fat, low in cholesterol and very simple to prepare. With a wide variety of cut selections, the possibilities for your next meal is endless.

Try Something Different Tonight...

Looking for something different?

Let local Kentucky sheep and goat products change your whole outlook on everything in your home from food to clothes and even your beauty routine.