How will the sale changes affect you?

We are excited to announce the Replacement Sale (that was going to be held in October), will now start September 11th! That's right, you don't have to wait to purchase your new breeding stock and nor do you have to make bids on an auction site. 

Details of changes:

  • Lots will be posted on the HoofTrader Repalcement Sale page on September 11th!
  • Contact information for each seller will be provided so you can contact the seller directly to setup times to  look at the animals and visit the farms
  • Lots will be posted until they are sold
  • Sales will be handled with the producer so you do not have to pay through the KSGDO Office.

Because KSGDO wants to help promote better genetics and help our current seed stock producers, the changes to the sale are minimal.

  • Our consignors must still follow the KY Replacement Sale Guideline
  • We are still offering animals that have been screened to assure quality stock.  All animals will be verified the day of the screening to make sure:​
    • the animals are appropriate size for their age
    • the animals have received CDT vaccinations and have been boostered appropriately. 
    • ​the animals are not parasitic
    • the animals have an appropriate body condition score
    • ​the animals have strong feet and legs, correct udder structure and no genetic defects.