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KY Wool School is a self-paced, online course designed to help your expand knowledge and use of value added wool products from your farm. You will learn basic husbandry specific to wool breeds to processing and marketing techniques and strategies. Downloadable worksheets will be available for each course as well as many bonus features such as multi-use printable guides and helpful links to further their learning in fiber.


You get lifetime access when you register, as long as you are a current KGPA/KSWPA member. Non-members will receive a membership to association of choice.


This course is best for producers who:

  • want to begin a fiber business

  • want to know fiber characteristics of various fiber breeds

  • want to enhance their wool production

  • want to expand their value added wool commodities

  • want to brand their small farm business

KY Wool School

  • There are no refunds for the purchase of electronic products.

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