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Preparing for a Woolly Good Time!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival Returns in 2024

by Sarabeth Parido

May 18 and 19 are a long way off still, but the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival (KSFF) Committee has already begun planning the highly anticipated 2024 Festival!

For those unfamiliar with our festival, the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival is celebrating it’s 14th year. It was originally established to celebrate the state's rich agricultural heritage and promote the art of working with wool and other natural fibers. Over the years, it has grown into a renowned gathering of farmers, artisans, crafters, and fiber enthusiasts from all walks of life.

The festival features a wide range of activities and attractions, including:

  • Fiber Workshops: Learn new techniques in knitting, spinning, weaving, and felting from experienced instructors.

  • Vendors: Explore a bustling marketplace filled with vendors offering a diverse selection of yarns, fibers, tools, and handmade fiber-related products.

  • Livestock Vendors: Admire the beauty and diversity of sheep, goats and alpaca breeds showcased in our Livestock Tent.

  • Food and Entertainment: Savor delicious local cuisine while enjoying the park and demonstrations

The committee is hard at work planning every aspect of the festival to ensure its success. They are actively seeking input from the community to make this event bigger and better than ever before. Here are some key aspects of their planning process:

  • Community Involvement: The committee is collaborating with local farmers, artisans, and businesses to create a vibrant and inclusive event that showcases the best of Kentucky's fiber community.

  • Expanded Programming: Expect an even wider range of workshops, demonstrations, and activities that cater to fiber enthusiasts of all skill levels.

  • Enhanced Vendor Selection: Careful consideration is being given to curating a diverse selection of vendors to offer attendees a unique shopping experience.

The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival Committee's dedication to preserving and promoting the fiber arts in Kentucky is truly commendable. As they gear up for the 2024 festival, there's a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. The committee could always use a few new faces, if you are interested in joining the committee, you’d be a welcome addition! There are monthly zoom call meeting just to make sure everyone is working on the festival planning and then closer to the festival, in person meetings will convene in Lexington. Contact Sarabeth at for more information on joining the KSFF Committee.


SarabethParido, is the Director of the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival and The Kentucky Fiber Trail. She raises her own small flock of sheep in Clark County, Kentucky along with her husband and four sons.

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