When: June 4, 2016 from 8am-4pm

Where: C. Oran Little Research Center Sheep Unit, 1171 Midway Road, Versailles, KY 40383

Who: All Sheep Producers with wool!

Fee:  $30 + $0.10/lb (The fee is charged to pay the TN Sheep and Wool Producers Association for the wool baggers, transportation and accounting.)

        Non KSWPA Members must also pay the $30 Membership Fee

Get a premium price for your wool by participating in the wool pool! The wool pool provides buyers with more uniform packed wool thus making it easier for grading and processing (works very similar to the graded livestock sales). The wool pool is conducted by the TN Sheep and Wool Producers and past prices have been as high as $0.98/lb!


The wool pool is a volunteer effort, therefore, when you bring your wool, plan to stay at least long enough to help process your wool. This helps keep costs down and helps you learn the process.


UK Sheep Department will also be hosting a wool grading clinic throughout the day! The clinic will give you great tips on how to make more money from your wool.


  • Keep hair or kemp out of your wool clip. This is one of the biggest demands of the wool buyers. Hair mixed in with the wool creates havoc when the wool is processed. Hair found in wool will destroy the prices for future wool pools. Please be diligent about keeping hair out of your wool clip.
  • It is preferred that will be brought in burlap or plastic wool bags. Clean, paper feed sacks are acceptable. Do not bring wool in plastic/poly feed sacks or tied with plastic twine.
  • Keep wool as clean as possible. Badly soiled or wet wool should NOT be brought to the wool pool.
  • Wool from white-faced sheep should be separated from black-faced wool. Do not “hide” black wool in lambs wool or burry. Mixed wool can hurt future pools.
  • Come early and plan to help. There are plenty of jobs for volunteers, and the help is needed to keep down costs.

For more information, please contact Scott VanSickle at 270-792-7173 or

Kelley Yates at kyates@kysheepandgoat.org or 502-682-7780.

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2016 Prices!

Medium grades:

Medium Clear- $0.945/lb

Burry- $0.803/lb

Short (lamb)- $0.756/lb

Black- $0.189/lb

White Faced- $0.945