Take a break from the competition and involve your whole family at Red Mile's Family Fun Activities including free bounce house and petting zoo.   Take a walk through our vendor fair to find Kentucky farmers and shepherds offering locally sourced lamb products. 

Thank you to the sponsors of the Kentucky Lamb Jam Cook-off!

Dinner begins at 6pm at the Red Mile Clubhouse. 

Immerse yourself in the flavors and smells of delicious lamb and spices as teams of Sullivan University Culinary students race the clock to create the winning entrée for local, professional chefs.  Watch as teams compete while explaining the method and ingredients used in preparation of the meal.   A lot is at stake for the teams as the winners will walk away with $1000 scholarship and the opportunity to prepare their winning recipe for dinner that night in the Clubhouse!  

Be one of 20 exclusive people to participate in a fabulous lamb dinner experience. Not only will you have the finest lamb rack in town, but you will also get to watch a chef fabricate a lamb carcass before your very eyes! Dining guests will also receive lamb recipes and other items to guide you to a lamb dinner experience at home. Proceeds benefit Sullivan Culinary Students. 

2016 KY Lamb Jam Cook-Off Winners!

Left to right are Cecil Jones and Ricky Kirk. Cecil and Ricky were on the winning team in 2016! 

Ricky and Cecil received American Lamb Board aprons, market bags and lamb food service information. They also received ribbons and a $1000 scholarship sponsored by the American Lamb Board. 

August 26

Red Mile Race Track

Contest 5pm