2018 Officers and Board Members

President- Bill Decker
Vice President - Kathy Meyer
Past President- Scott VanSickle
ASI Director- Madeline Rosenburg
Secretary- Rebecca Abbott
Treasurer- Dorothy Vale
Director- Frank Berry
Director- Jim Mansfield
Director- Hannah Nilsson
Director- Warren Adcock

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What KSWPA does and why it is important

  • Engage in educational activities in connection with improvement of breeding, health, marketing, and productivity of all classes of sheep.
  • Promote the industry.​
  • Provide a direct link to ASI.​
  • ASI (American Sheep Industry) is the national association responsible for representing all political matters for sheep producers and their industry. ASI is the oldest organization of its type in the country and has been very efficient in dealing with livestock issues.​
  • Provide information for
    • Tele-Auctions
    • Wool Pools
    • Guilds’ Activities
  • Establishing Industry Infrastructure.
  • Advocate for Kentucky’s Sheep producers
  • Provides mentoring to new producers

Benefits with Joining

There are many benefits to joining. Some of these include:

Subscription to HoofPrint Magazine
Free listing in Breeders Directory 
Membership to ASI and the ASI Newsletter (American Sheep Industry)
Access to sheep internet classifieds.
Participation in lamb sales.
Participation in wool sales.
Invitations to KSWPA events.

Other Benefits are:
Becoming part of a unified voice for all sheep producers.
Network of producers to access for information, breeding stock, etc.
In-the-know for changes in the industry.
Access to market reports.
Access to Tele-auction sale dates.
Connect with a mentor

The purpose of this association shall be to engage in any educational activity in connection with the improvement of breeding, health, marketing and productivity of all classes of sheep produced by its members, including the sponsoring of sheep and wool shows, sales, and lamb and wool promotion programs.

The Voice of the Kentucky Sheep Producer

​Mission of the Kentucky Sheep and Wool Producers Association