Dr. Robert Van Saun, Extension Veterinarian and Professor, Penn State University, presented two lectures on goat nutrition:

Nutritional Supplements: A necessity or folly?-Is good quality forage all a goat needs to meet her nutritional needs and remain healthy and productive? The goat’s rumen provides many opportunities to provide needed nutrients from forage, but may restrict availability of minerals and vitamins. This presentation will address the complicated issue of mineral and vitamin requirements of the dairy goat and how to ensure your feeding program is meeting your goat’s needs.

Dairy Goat Nutrition: Feeding for two- Feed costs are the single largest cost of goat production, yet the feeding program is most critical for ensuring animal health and production. In formulating a feeding program we are not just feeding the goat but must consider the rumen microbial population. This presentation discusses a rumen-based approach to feeding pregnant and lactating dairy goats to optimize feed input costs with animal health and productivity.

Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers, staff and sponsors who helped make the KIO Tri State Small Ruminant Summit such a success. We are all very appreciative of all you do!

Dr. Don Ely kicked off the Summit by explaining the concept of Integrated Management and how that looks in relation to small ruminant production. 

Dorothy Vale was recognized for her dedication and service to 21 years in the KY Make it With Wool Program.

Integrated Management for Profitability

BP Davis was recognized for his service to 15 years as the Treasurer for the KY Sheep and Wool Producers Association.

Dr. Don Ely was recognized for his many years of support and dedication to the sheep producers of Kentucky. 

Summit attendees were also able to participate in workshops and demonstrations:

Miranda and Josh Geiser were given awards for participating in the 2016 KGPA Youth Leadership and Community Service Program.

Dr. David Thomas, Professor Department of Animal Sciences University of Wisconsin, presented two lectures on sheep reproduction, genetics, and lambing. 

Genetics: Breeds, Selection and Crossbreeding:
- Different breeds for different uses
- Use of Estimated Breeding Values to improve purebreds
- Simple records for commercial flocks
- Use of crossbreeding in commercial flocks

A Ewe for Every Season?
- Once/year lambing in spring utilizing pasture
- Once/year winter lambing and pushing lambs on high grain diets
- Once/year fall lambing with clean-up spring lambing
- Multiple lambings per year

KIO- Tri State Small Ruminant Summit

Let's Grow Together


American Sheep Industry- Let's Grow

Kentucky Sheep and Wool Producers Association

Kentucky Goat Producers Association

Indiana Sheep and Wool Producers Association

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Boone County Cooperative Extension Service

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Paid for in part by the American Sheep Industry Association

Participants of the Small Ruminant Profit School received their Small Ruminant Health class from Dr. Beth Johnson, DVM. She explained the signs, symptoms and treatment for common ailments and diseases. 

During lunch, the Kentucky Make It With Wool with conducted their style show and announced their winners. 

We also presented four special awards:

Dr. Kenneth Andries, Assistant Professor, Researcher, and Extension Specialist of the Kentucky State University, Collage of Agriculture, Food Science, and Sustainable Systems, presented two programs:

Using Genetics for Profitability in Your Goat Herd
Goat Scrapie- Explained the efforts of the American Goat Federation in eradicating scrapie in goat herds

Predator Trapping, Bob Mauer, KY Association of Trappers

​Hide Tanning, Polly Lush

Soap Making, Donna Puckett, B & D Boer Goats and

Heavenly Soaps

Lamb and Goat Cooking 101, Brick Walker

The KIO Tri-State Small Ruminant Summit held on October 1, 2016 at the Boone County Enrichment Center was a huge success! Over 150 people were able to participate in seminars, demonstrations and workshops that highlighted integrating nutrition, health and genetics to have more profitable small ruminant operations. 

Mike Corn, Vice President of the American Sheep Industry Executive Board and Susan Schultz, Chair of the ASI Let's Grow Committee gave a wonderful overview of the efforts of ASI and the goals of the Let's Grow program. The Let's Grow Committee is responsible for making this Summit possible. 

Dr. Mike Neary, Extension Professor for Small Ruminants at Purdue University, brought his extensive research and experience in two presentations:

Ewe Nutrition in an annual production program, illustrating how forages and strategic concentrate supplementation fit together for overall production

Difference in Feeding Market and Ewe Lambs, demonstrating how nutritional efficiency can be maximized in an integrated program of market lamb production.