The Kentucky Goat Producers Association promotes the improvement of breeding, health, marketing and productivity of all classes of goats in Kentucky.​

2017 Board Members

President- Donna Puckett
Vice President- 
Vincent Thompson
Kay DeMoss
Membership Secretary- Beth Johnson
Angie French
Kenny Fenwick
Shawn Harper
Laura Phillips
Barrett Jones
Vicki Watson
Amy Keach

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What is KGPA and why is it important?

  • Promotes the improvement of breeding, health, marketing and productivity of goats
  • Promotes the industry
  • Advocates the Kentucky goat producer
  • Sponsors the annual KY Proud Elite Breeder Sale
  • Sponsors the Community Grant

Benefits with Joining

  • Subscription to HoofPrint Magazine
  • Free listing in Breeders Directory
  • Participation in the KY Proud Elite Breeder Sale

Other benefits are:

  • Becoming part of a unified voice for all goat producers
  • Network of producers to access for information, breeding stock, etc.
  • In-the-know for changes in the industry


KGPA Youth Points Award Competition

​All current paid youth members (up to 21 years of age) are eligible to participate.

​Each youth member will receive a packet with official forms that are to be completed and returned to the KSGDO by the date specified on the form.

​Each participating youth must turn in an essay to be qualified for the competition (see rules page).

​Youth are eligible to compete in a Points Award Competition based on participation in goat related events, district/livestock expo KDA shows, KY state fair, showmanship, essay contest and KY Proud animals.

​Awards will be presented at the KGPA Annual Meeting. Top three placings in each age division (Novice, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior) will receive awards.

​To become a Youth Member to KGPA, please complete this membership form and mail to:

PO Box 4709
Frankfort, KY 40604

​Once you are enrolled as a Youth Member, you will be notified when to download the necessary forms provided below. 

KGPA Points Rules

KGPA KY Proud Points Spreadsheet

KGPA Points Show

KGPA Youth Leadership

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