HoofPrint serves as an a ordable means for sheep and goat related organizations to distribute membership information to their members through our partner program.

HoofPrint Partners receive two facing pages in each issue to highlight their specific organization news and events.

​Kentucky Sheep and Wool Producers Association
Kentucky Goat Producers Association
Tennessee Sheep Producers Association

HoofPrint provides small ruminant producers with timely articles and news stories related to all aspects of sheep and goat production and marketing. Our editorial focus includes:

​Information on how to utilize genetics to produce faster growing, more prolific and more profitable herds/flocks.


  • 1,500 + copies printed quarterly
  • 500 direct mailed to producers distributed to 42 states
  • 1000 distributed at industry events (festivals, national shows & sales, educational events, etc.)

Our audience is the sheep and goat producers, the every day farmers that make management and purchasing decisions.

HoofPrint is distributed to 42 states, but our core audience consists of the Eastern US sheep and goat producers.

The Southeast US has more than 68,000 sheep and goat producers with over 1.5 million sheep and goats.

According to a recent survey of sheep and goat producers:

  • The average producer spends over $4,100 each year in purchased feeds.
  • The average producer spends over $1,500 each year on goat and sheep related equipment and supplies.
  • 1.5 million sheep and goats have the potential to produce 3 million lambs and kids to be marketed each year.

And much, much more!!!

Market Matters
Discusses industry price trends and future market projections.

Timely articles on nutrition typically focusing on the nutritional needs of small ruminants during a specific season of the year.

A quarterly feature story that highlights industry related events and occurrences.

Health & Management
Covering common issues such as kidding and lambing, animal health, reproduction, parasite management, and record keeping.

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Print: The Small Ruminant Magazine is a quarterly periodical whose goals are to promote better animal health, husbandry, and knowledge among sheep and goat producers.

HoofPrint is the joint effort of members of the sheep and goat industries and serves as a united voice for all small ruminant producers.

HoofPrint is published by the Kentucky Sheep & Goat Development Office.