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Day 6 of Giving

The nutrition requirements for growing lambs and kids is high, thus supplemental grain may be necessary to make sure they grow at an optimum rate to reach market weight as quickly as possible.  Of course, this comes at a cost. Dr. Andrew Weaver, North Carolina State University, gives us the breakdown of how to determine the cost of gain and how to utilize that metric to determine when to sell market kids.

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Nutrition is the pinnacle of your production. Good nutrition can enhance growth, health, parasite management, and much more. The Master Small Ruminant Nutrition Course can help you make the most of your nutrition plan. Use discount code dognutrition23 to get 15% off the class. Offer available until December 12th!

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And if this makes you get into the giving spirit, check out some cute items to get those hard to shop for small ruminant producers!

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