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Day 4 of Giving

Sometimes it's helpful to have a guide.

The Yearly Goat Operation Calendar for Winter Kidding does just that.

Find out:

  • When to be aware for parasites

  • When to flush

  • When to breed

  • When to vaccinate

  • When to wean

  • When to market

To learn more about Reproduction, Parturition, Birthing Difficulties, Care for Newborns and much more, check out our SRPS- Small Ruminant Profit School Course. Use discount code dogsrps23 to get 15% off. Offer good to December 12th!

Renew or Join to get more production resources.

And if this makes you get into the giving spirit, check out some cute items to get those hard to shop for small ruminant producers!

2023 Christmas items.jpg
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