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Day 12 of Giving

As mentioned yesterday genetics can play a significant role in our parasite management. However, we aren't going to just want to focus on parasite resistance. We still want fast growing kids/lambs, prolific mothers, and several other traits to make our operations successful. Dr. Andrew Weaver gives us some considerations when developing a plan for our genetics.

Master genetics 23-1-2.png

The phrase "improve genetics" can seem daunting. It takes time so, it's not something that necessarily gives quick results. However, we have to constantly be thinking about how to improve our flocks/herds to maximize all our inputs. The KY Master Small Ruminant Genetics Course will walk you through all that you need to know to get started in making genetics improvements. Use discount code doggenetics23 to get 15% off the class. Offer available until December 12th!

Each month KGPA and KSWPA Members receive a VIP Access Event. In 2022, we visited with Jessy Shanks, University of Tennessee, about how to make sure our rams/bucks are ready to work.

VIP Event 2.png

Renew or Join to get the replay and get in on the 2024 VIP Access Events.

And if this makes you get into the giving spirit, check out some cute items to get those hard to shop for small ruminant producers!

2023 Christmas items.jpg
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