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Day 10 of Giving

Nemesis number 1= stomach worms! These clever little worms can get the best of our animals and our best made plans. We can never 100% eradicate them, but we can get better at managing them. Dr. Andrew Weaver, North Carolina State University, gives us pointers when thinking about parasites.

Basic Parasite Mgt-1.png

Parasite management can be really frustrating at times, but knowing tips and tools of the trade can alleviate more surprises and money spent on dewormers. The KY Basics to Small Ruminant Parasite Management will give you all the skills to better manage parasites. Use discount code dogparasite23 to get 15% off the class. Offer available until December 12th!

Each month KGPA and KSWPA Members receive a VIP Access Event. In 2023, we visited with Dr. Beth Johnson, DVM, about Coccidiosis.

VIP Event 3 ALT-2.png

Renew or Join to get the replay and get in on the 2024 VIP Access Events.

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