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Day 9 of Giving

Often times, our rotational grazing is based on the setup already available on our farms. However, we can always make tweaks or sometimes, total rehauls. Dr. Jeff Lehmkuhler, University of Kentucky, helps us think about how to setup our rotational grazing systems.

Master Grazing -1-2.png

Rotational grazing is key to better pasture management, better forage utilization, and the top tool in parasite management.  The Master Small Ruminant Grazing School will walk you through seeding, establishing, feeding, and storing your forages. Use discount code doggrazing23 to get 15% off the class. Offer available until December 12th!

Greg Brann, Greg Brann Consulting, was the keynote speaker at the 2022 KY Annual Producer Conference. Greg gave some fantastic insight into rotational grazing that really helped to make the process concrete.


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And if this makes you get into the giving spirit, check out some cute items to get those hard to shop for small ruminant producers!

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